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Come sing with us for Beth!

Updated: Apr 30

Join us at Germantown Mennonite (21 W. Washington Lane) on Sunday

afternoon, May 5, 4:00 – 5:30 pm with your voices, friends, and

pocketbooks for an afternoon of singing, snacks, and support for Beth


Beth is a beloved member of GMC who has been disabled

much of her life. She is a long-time activist for justice, practicing a vocation of

prayer.  Because of her disabilities, she has not been able to

work for over 30 years--and when she did work as an occupational

therapist, she practiced economic and racial justice, often giving

sacrificially to pay others’ medical and education costs and home and

car repairs.  She would have been the first to help someone suffering

from the financial burden she carries.  She needs support in covering

$20,000 in medical and living expenses annually that are payable by no

other source. In the best tradition of mutual aid for catastrophic

need, we are calling on the broader Mennonite community to join

together in caring for Beth.

We hope you will join us in person on May 5th  for the Hymn Sing but if

you can’t, please join us via Zoom, singing on mute! 

THIS IS A DIRECT-AID OPPORTUNITY with all funds going directly to Beth

VENMO @Ruth-Sutter (7795)

MAIL CHECKS:  Ruth Sutter

Park Heights Apts

5555 Wissahickon Ave #1115-H

Philadelphia, PA 19144


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