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Welcome to

Germantown Mennonite Church

Proclaiming Peace and Justice since 1683



Weather permitting, Worship Services will be offered in person in Holman Field beside our church building, and simulcast via Zoom Sunday mornings at 11am. Sunday School for children PreK-8th grade is provided.

Mission Statement

Christ loves us in our "strangeness" and welcomes us into one body. We value: safe and open space to offer praises, seek healing, nurture spiritual growth, and learn to be disciples. In response, we desire to offer hospitality to each other, our neighborhood, our co-workers, and other "strangers."


Visit Us

Join us for worship! Sunday mornings at 11am. Click here to request Sunday Worship Zoom details.

Planning an event and looking for a space to rent? Click here to learn about our rentals .

Accessibility information - Our building is wheelchair accessible. Please use the ramp to the Fellowship Hall to access the elevator. Accessible bathrooms are by the Fellowship Hall.  We have one accessible parking space and two reserved parking spaces for people with walking aids.

There are three steps to access the main entrance. From the lobby there are steps downstairs with handrail to access the fellowship hall and steps upstairs with handrail to access narthex and Sanctuary. From the Narthex there are steps to access the balcony. Elevator can access Fellowship Hall and restrooms on lower level, Sanctuary and Narthex on the main floor and the Balcony.

There are two accessible, all gender restrooms. One restroom includes diaper changing station. There is a women's/non-binary restroom which has two stall bathrooms. There are four steps with hand railing to access the women's/non-binary restroom.

During in-person worship services, microphones are used for most of the services. Speakers are in the sanctuary and balcony.


For any questions about accessibility, please contact the office administrator.

Upcoming Worship Themes:

November 28, 2021 - Advent Begins

If you have questions about God, spirituality, Mennonites, or our community feel free to chat with our pastors, Cate or Jay, or Vision Team or contact our Office.



Many in our church come from Mennonite families and grew up as Anabaptist believers, and equally as many come from diverse Christian or other faith backgrounds.

All are welcome!



Our community currently supports Carmela Apolonio Hernandez and her four children, who live in sanctuary in our church while they struggle to get a stay of deportation. Contact our office for more ways to support the campaign.



Children and young people are a gift from God and central to all we do at GMC. We desire that our children feel loved and valued by the GMC community, develop values of kindness, honesty, justice, peaceful responses to life’s challenges, learn about the Biblical story, grow in love for God and Jesus, make peer friendships in the church family, and relate to adults in positive ways. 


We value:

safe and open space to

offer praises, seek healing, nurture spiritual growth

and learn to be disciples.



Support GMC

Please consider making an online donation so we can continue to provide care to our community. 


Worship Recordings

A note on Sunday Worship Service Recordings - Our service is recorded but only the audio is made available to people on request. Sharing is edited out of the recording for privacy. Contact Gina in the office if you would like links to specific services. If you do not wish to appear in any captured video please turn your video off.

Contact Us

If you have questions about Germantown Mennonite Church we would love to hear from you, contact the office here:

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If you would like to receive the Friday "This Week at GMC," with info about upcoming classes, gatherings, and worship services click here.


If you want to connect more with other GMCers, you can sign up for our listserv click here. It's a great way to learn more about upcoming events in our community, give and receive mutual aid, and ask for care and prayer.

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