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A Special Children's Time

From Dottie Baumgarten.

Flowers, children, wedding... Children’s Time at Germantown Mennonite Church.

Sometimes there are threads of connection and blessing that weave within and around Children’s Time.

On Sunday October 18th, 2015, Forrest Moyer and Joseph Stalnaker were married during regular Sunday worship at Germantown Mennonite Church. Children’s Time used its five minutes of worship for our children to sprinkle Forrest and Joseph with flower petals as a blessing. This simple, child-friendly act felt like holy ground. “A little child shall lead them”.

This act was a surprise to Forrest and Joey, although they knew that they were going to be called forward during Children’s Time for something celebratory.

With this blessing, the children were front and center for worship. The children themselves were worshiping and participating in a meaningful way by doing a simple, child-friendly, sprinkling-of-flower-petals-on-two-adults as a symbol of blessing and celebration.

With the blessing of these sprinkled flower petals and the bouquet of flowers that were grown, gathered, and arranged by a couple of the congregation who are married over 30 years, the wedding couple was blessed by the full congregation, younger and older, single and married.

Forrest and Joey are a blessing to Germantown Mennonite Church, and they were invited to sprinkle flower petals to the four winds to symbolize their blessing to us.

With the joyful blessing of the wedding couple, the gathered congregation named and experienced blessing.

The blessing was given, and the blessing was received.

The rest of the service was conducted in the midst of the flower petals strewn across the floor, reminding us that we were in the presence of blessings.

Children’s time. Holy ground. Amen and amen.


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