Sunday School

Our faith is a choice we make as adults, and a journey we take for our whole lives.

We offer Sunday School classes for children ranging from preschool (3 years old) to senior high. Our senior high class (9th-12th grades) use the Whole People of God curriculum, and our junior classes use the Shine curriculum. Sunday school begins at 10am each Sunday morning. Contact Jennifer Brinkmeier, Chair of Education Committee, for more information. 

For adults, the journey continues Sundays at 10am and in Bible Studies and small groups at other times. Contact John Bergen for more information. 

Youth Group & Kids Club

On the first Saturday of the month during the school year, 4-7:30pm, up to 30 young people grades 5-12, gather for learning, prayer, games, and time together. The transformation continues during our high school Winter Retreat and summer trips for middle and high schoolers. Contact Pastor John Bergen

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Elementary-age kids gather fun activities throughout the year. Contact Jennifer Brinkmeier.


One-on-one relationships for guidance, support, and care, connecting youth (7th grade and up) with adults in our community. Contact Pastor John Bergen.


Sexuality and faith?!? For middle- and high-school students, a chance to learn and discuss how God's love for us informs how we love ourselves and others. Contact Karla Thut to get involved.


The purpose of the Germantown Mennonite Church Education Fund (the “Education Fund”) is to promote the theological, intellectual, artistic and social development of the GMC community. The GMC community recognizes that one of the needs of the congregation is to provide adequate opportunity for educational development so as to allow for the fullest participation in the life of the church community. This is especially important for the training of youth, for leadership training in the church, and the development and exercise of all gifts of the Spirit in the church. Therefore, educational opportunities that advance and promote the goals and priorities of GMC should be available to covenanters, regular attenders and immediate family members of either covenanter or regular attender who feel called upon to improve their skills and to deepen their understanding of the world. To apply for Education Fund support, please fill out this Google form. A PDF version of the application is also available on the Attenders page.


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